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Envigo, a UK company and its affiliates (hereinafter referred to as Envigo or the Company) is a global organization and as such the recruitment system and process is global in its nature. Please be aware that personal data could be sent across country borders, be viewed and handled in other Envigo locations, where there may be less strict data protection than in European Union member states.  Irrespective of where your personal data is handled, Envigo works in line with local legislation and guidelines on the processing and storage of data and as a business takes seriously the protection of such personal data.

The family of companies comprising Envigo are subsidiaries and/or affiliates of Envigo and has prepared this Applicant Data Notice (the "Notice") to describe the collection, use, storage, transfer and other treatment of personal data provided by applicants for employment ("Personal Data").  Use of such Personal Data is required as part of our overall human resources best practices and to allow the Company to effectively recruit and hire employees.


The Company collects Personal Data that is relevant to its business, required to meet its legal obligations, or otherwise permissible to collect under local laws.  In particular, the Company may collect the following categories of Personal Data as part of an employment application, in all cases subject to restriction by local law: applicant name; contact details (including home address, home and mobile telephone numbers, personal email address, personal fax number, proof of address); citizenship; date of birth; gender; social insurance or tax identifier number (or equivalent); credentials and qualifications (including languages spoken, special skills and memberships in professional organizations); education/training; interview/assessment notes; prior work experience (e.g., background training and prior positions); work certificates, licenses and permits; driver's license number; personal contacts within the Company; marital status and other information provided in the applicant's resume or employment application.


The Company may use the Personal Data listed above for the following purposes, except where restricted by local law: to make current hiring decisions; to make future hiring decisions (e.g., applicant information is retained for purposes of future job openings unless an applicant indicates otherwise); and to comply with legal obligations, including but not limited to obligations regarding hiring and diversity of workforce.  Access to Personal Data is restricted to Company personnel on a need-to-know basis and for the purposes listed above or where required by law. All Company personnel with access to Personal Data are bound by the requirements of this Notice.


If necessary and in accordance with applicable law, the Company may disclose Personal Data to its auditors and other outside professional advisers and/or to other parties that provide services to the Company, including third party suppliers, IT systems providers and consulting firms. Where the processing of Personal Data is delegated to a third party data processor, such as those listed above, the Company will delegate such processing in writing, will choose a data processor that provides sufficient guarantees with respect to technical and organizational security measures governing the relevant processing and will ensure that the processor acts on the Company's behalf and under the Company's instructions. In addition, the Company will impose in writing appropriate data protection and information security requirements on such third party data processors.


Because the Company is part of a corporate family that engages in activities on a global scale, the Company may transmit Personal Data to other Envigo affiliates or operations located in the United States or in other jurisdictions where data protection laws may not provide an equivalent level of protection to the laws in the employment applicant's home jurisdiction.  Such Personal Data may be transferred where necessary or appropriate for the purposes as they are listed above under the heading "Personal Data Use and Processing."  Countries where data may be transferred include, but are not limited to the United Kingdom, United States, Spain, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Israel, Mexico, Italy, Switzerland, India, Japan, South Korea, and Canada.  The Company complies with the United States-European Union "Safe Harbor" Framework.


The Company maintains appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect against unauthorized or unlawful processing of Personal Data and/or against accidental loss, alteration, disclosure or access, or accidental or unlawful destruction of or damage to Personal Data.


Employment applicants are entitled to access Personal Data held about them (with the exception of any documents that are subject to legal privilege, that provide Personal Data about other individuals, or that otherwise are not subject to employment applicant access rights). In addition to the extent required by applicable law, employment applicants have the right to have inaccurate data corrected or removed and also have the right to object to the processing of their Personal Data as described in this Notice for legitimate purposes (at no charge to the employment applicant and at any time).  Should you wish to write the Company, you may access your information on this website using the access information that you used to initially register, or write to Envigo, attn.: Taleo Data, Human Resources Department.

The Company will maintain Personal Data for as long as it is required to do so by applicable law(s) or for as long as necessary for the purpose(s) for which it was collected. The Company will delete Personal Data when it is no longer needed and, in any case, upon expiration of the maximum storage term set forth by applicable law.  The default retention period is three years from last contact with the employment applicant.


The data you provide is for the use of recruitment and consideration of employment by Envigo and its affiliate companies located in countries including but not limited to the United Kingdom, United States, Spain, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Israel, Mexico, Italy, Switzerland, India, Japan, South Korea, and Canada.

By completing the application process in Taleo, you consent to the collection, use, storage, transfer, or other treatment of this data by Envigo and its affiliates in accordance with the Notice provided herein. By not completing the application process in Taleo, you object to the collection, use, storage, transfer, or other treatment of your data in accordance with this Notice.  For technical and legal reasons, in such a circumstance we will be unable to process your application which may prevent us from considering you as an applicant. 


Envigo participates in E-Verify, and will provide new employees' Form I9 information to the Social Security Administration and Department of Homeland Security to confirm work authorization.